Best Ophthalmologist in Bilbao?

Many Ophthalmologists in Bilbao

Once a patient asked us to see if we can tell him the best Ophthalmologist in Bilbao … being in our office! It is an almost comical event, but the truth is that with all humility we have to recognize that in Bilbao there are many and very good ophthalmologists. That sometimes makes the choice more difficult.

Only in the Igualatorio (IMQ) medical team there are more than 100 eye doctors who offer their service in private medicine, but there are also ophthalmology services in public hospitals that serve with enviable quality.

Quality surveys within insurers always obtain good results for patients who have been visited specifically in ophthalmology consultations. And in the public service he is also one of the best valued specialists.

Why are we so interested in the Ophthalmologist?

One of the factors that must be taken into account is the high demand of vision specialists; since we have all gone sometime or will go in the future. At some stage of life, we lose near or far vision. Aside from emergencies as frequent as itchy eyes, tearing and impaired vision.

In addition to queries, there are the operations of the view. The cataract operation for example is the most frequent intervention in the world. This is because with age, we all develop cataracts and also … in both eyes!

Finally, there are many people who want to stop wearing glasses and see clearly without contact lenses or other aids. For these cases we have laser interventions or intraocular lenses that, depending on each case, can be indicated to see well without glasses.

See you at the Oculist’s office …

As you can see, whether you want a consultation at a public Ophthalmology Center or a private Ophthalmology Institute, in Bilbao you have infinite good options. Be sure to check your vision to prevent eye diseases as well as assess the option of operating the eyes, with laser or multifocal lenses, if you do not tolerate contact lenses or want to stop using glasses.

If you choose us, you can make an appointment and we will be delighted to assist you.

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Ophthalmology Institute in Bilbao and Getxo

Oftalmologo Bilbao


Clínica Indautxu | Gordóniz, 9

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Oftalmologo Getxo


Clínica Las Mercedes | Las Mercedes, 23

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Best Ophthalmologist in Bilbao?

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